Owning miniature cattle is a big commitment and responsibility.  These animals require daily feeding and attention.  They also live as long as 20 years.   We truly care about each calf that is born here and expect the highest level of care from new owners.  We require future owners to own a minimum of 3 acres to adequately accommodate their new pet, and have a plan on either spending time with their new calf or getting a companion animal.

Miniature Cows For Sale


Babies we have sold to folks on our list.



 Shipping via ground requires calves to be at least 4 months old and weaned. Prices for ground shipping start at around $200. We have several shippers we can refer you to help organize this. Personal pick up is always preffered .

Guaranteed Miniature   We are happy to introduce a new safe guard for miniature cattle buyers.  With certain calves we will describe them as a "Guaranteed Miniature". 

2019 Prices:

Pet Steers:  $1,500 

Heifers $2,000-$10,000 (highland heifers $4000+)

Bull Calves $4,000-$10,000

Prices depend on size and rarity.   The smaller the animal the more expensive.

Free Support!

At Lovable Little ones we offer free on-going support for any of our customers and any interested owners.  This support includes opportunities to visit our farm to experience a hands on learning environment. We teach individuals about cattle husbandry, halter breaking, basic first aid, and hoof care.  We are also available by phone 7 days a week for any questions.

We Guarantee the health of all our calves for 1 year after purchase.  Contact us for details.

High quality micro-miniature beef breed cows are extremely hard to find and are in great demand. Getting on a waiting list is one of the only ways to truly acquire one of these incredible animals. In fact, ours calves have consistently been in high demand over the last few years, and we typically sell out many months before our last calf is born.
Do to the high demand for our calves this year we are now only offering a Deposit only waiting list. The deposit is $500 per animal and will be applied to the purchase price of the animal. The deposit is 100% nonrefundable and guarantees you first right of refusal for animals offered. Once a calf is born the first person on this list will be contacted and given an opportunity to purchase that calf. If you pass on a calf you will not lose your spot. We will keep everyone on the waiting list updated as calves are born.

Getting on our waiting list is extremely easy:
To submit a deposit simply go to our contacts page and inform us that you want to submit a deposit. We will then send you a contract to review.

Get on the list today, We are completely sold out for 2022 and are now taking deposits for 2024-2025.  Our 2023 Spots are limited so get on the list today!


mini cows for sale