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Why Miniature Cows?

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Our new Micro-mini Highland cross breeding program

Our miniature cow farm is located in Eastern Colorado where we are currently raising pet quality miniature and micro-miniature cows. At Lovable Little Ones™ we take pride in working with and developing our calves to be exceptional pets. Our calves are halter broke, trained to be around adults and children, and of course lovable. It is our goal to be one of the best miniature cattle breeders in the United States that produces the highest quality miniature cattle with lovable dispositions and great personalities.

We have always loved the gentle nature and super long hair of the Highland Cattle breed.  Our goal is to take these great qualities, reduce the size to under 38", and breed for naturally hornless animals.  We anticipate this program to take at least 6 years before we have calves for sale, but we are optimistic that the wait will be well worth it.   

1. Mini cows are exceptional pets that demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of.

2. Miniature Cows are great tax write-offs for the small acreage farmer.

3. Mini cows will mow your small pastures, produce fertilizer, and are easily contained with a simple hot-wire.

4. Miniature cattle are a great inexpensive way to teach your children responsibility, and some very useful agricultural fundamentals. Their small size makes miniature cattle easy and safe to work with for any enthusiast.

5. Miniature cows do not require expensive handling equipment.

6. Miniature cattle can easily pay for themselves through the sale of calves and potential tax write-offs.

7. Miniature Cows can be a great business opportunity. Demand for good quality miniature cows is very high. I currently have a waiting list that extends into 2021, and hope to be sold out by October this year.  Miniature cows also make great petting zoo animals, and I use mine for local promotional events for companies.  Feel free to contact me if you have any business questions.

mini cows for sale